Improved soup base , noodles texture and taste superior

Japanese Ramen Restaurant


Installed for ice making machine and water outlet, the filter has reduced the "bleach water smell" and provide more clear ice. Thanks

Food Processing Factory


Removed the water odor with high water flow. Used these filter for ice making machine , water boiler and making soup base.

Vietnam Pho Restaurant


The water filter greatly reduced the odor and enhanced the taste of water.
We use the filtered water for cooking soup and noodles.

Japanese Restaurant


These filter system act use water softener and removed the chemical for organic farming.

Organic Farm

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These pre filter reduced particles and sediment and removed the odor, chlorine of water

Central Kitchen

Shaden Ozone disinfection filter system can reduce pesticide residue and also works in aerating, fruit and vegetables get more crisp and tasty by ozone water washing, restraining mildew and yeast, extending preservation of fruit, vegetables, and meat.

Food Factory

3M Filter for ice making machine to ensure the food safety

Ice making machine